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Cleaning the Attic and Basement

March 15, 2018

I have always been told when I go to friends and families homes - "sorry my house is such a mess....its clean, but not quite "Kelley clean".  When I had my  children, like many of us I was constantly trying to juggle the cleaning needs of our home while using products that wouldn't be harmful to my young ones.  And with too much on my plate I decided to hire some housekeepers to help me navigate my busy life.  I found that I came home after a long day and was more frustrated than pleased as the quality of cleanliness never matched up to my standards and expectations. It was the little things I noticed that made me feel like just another cleaning appointment.  Sure my bed was made and the kitchen had been wiped down with some vacuum marks in the carpet, but it still was missing something.  I was paying a lot of money for peace of mind and not satisfied.  It was then I decided maybe it was time for me to share my attention to detail and personal expertise.  This company was founded upon the values of respect for customers, for their money spent and personal spaces, and a genuine concern for the satisfaction of a job well done by our team.  Using all green cleaning solutions insures you can rest easy with your kids and pets as well as yourself and also enjoy a happier, healthier household.  

My goal is for everyone to be able to open their door after a long hard day and know their home is "Kelley clean".

                                                                                                      ~Kelley E.