Our Services

Whether you live in a small apartment, large sprawling home, own a vacation property, or have an open-space office premise, we are equipped and ready to make it shine!


Many companies feel if you have an apartment maybe its not worth their time to be there for you.  We feel the opposite.  Having a clean apartment that feels good is as important to us as it is to you.


Home is where the heart is.  Many professionals and families will spend all day cleaning when there are so many other fun activities that can be done instead.  Time is precious...enjoy yours.


You likely spend as much time at your office as you do at your home. 

Make it as clean and healthy as your environment as your home.

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Green Eco 

All products are eco-friendly.  Safe for kids, pets, and the environment.  We do not believe you should have to pay more to do good things for yourself and the environment. 

Move In/Move Out

Moving is hard work and stressful.  Let us do some of the work for you so you can get on with your life.

Deep Cleaning

Surfaces are not created equal.  Baseboards, blinds, upholstery, cabinets, etc. need attention too.  Set up a quarterly cleaning schedule for those necessary and not always exciting deep cleaning needs.